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Personalised care in a simple checklist for each patient on their mobile.  Designed for surgical practices and hospitals to simplify the delivery of recovery protocols beyond the hospital stay.


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About Personify Care

Personify Care is easy to use software that allows clinicians to deliver personalised clinical information and assessments to patients based upon each patient’s individual procedure and recovery profile.
As a healthcare technology company, we operate in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. Doing so is fundamental to both our values and our ability to operate as an organisation. Personify Care is available in the US as a fully HIPAA compliant platform and available in Australia in full compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Personify Care is used by healthcare professionals, surgical practices and hospitals to deliver personalised care across thousands of patient interactions.  Whether using locally developed clinical information and questionnaires or following internationally recognised standards of care like ICHOM, Personify Care allows clinicians to configure protocols to fit into their existing workflows within minutes (not weeks). Personify Care is not a replacement for the personal interaction with patients, but rather allows clinical teams to keep track of each patient’s progress in between face-to-face visits and phone calls  Learn more here.

“The best care, often turns out to be the least expensive care” 

Atul Gawande

“Our staff and patients love Personify Care.
It’s quicker and more effective for us to reach patients,
and certainly beats opening snail mail or sitting on hold. Everyone knows how to text

Mr Tony Moore, FRACS

Senior Surgeon

"With Personify Care we have been able to:
- improve the patient experience;
- identify risks earlier; and
- more effectively target post-discharge follow-up"

Adrian Saunders

Associate Director of Nursing

“Since introducing the Personify Care service, our practice has seen the terrific impact it has had on patients. By offering patients timely information and support, the platform has improved the quality of our practice and reduced the number of unnecessary calls

Dr James Kollias

MBBS FRACS MD CCPU Breast & Endocrine Surgeon

“Before using Personify Care, we would often get calls from patients saying: I’ve filled out my form, did you get it?
I would love to use Personify Care for all our discharge calls

Annie Filsell

Pre-Admission Clinic Coordinator

“Quite often we don’t get called until there is something really serious like a hot wound… On this system, it seemed much quicker to get a response back. I think we are reducing the overall risk of patient complications

Jill Borthwick

Clinical Nurse - Breast Services

Latest Developments

The Evidence

Personify Care has been shown to deliver patient response rates of over 90% and allow early detection of patient risks in 1 in 5 cases. Without increasing workloads, patients can be monitored 8-times as often. Learn more

Intelligent Technology

Underpinning Personify Care is a learning system that uses patient interaction data to continuously optimise the patient response rate. This ensures clinicians have the best visibility to their progress. Learn more

Easy to use Features

Developed based on hundreds of hours of input from experienced nurses and clinicians and proven across thousands of patient interactions. Learn more.

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