• Making care convenient beyond the hospital stay

Detecting patient complications before they escalate

The Problem

Clinical teams across specialist practices and hospitals provide follow-up to patients after they leave hospital. They aim to ensure patients are recovering as expected.

Most follow-up protocols are still being delivered through paper forms and phone calls. Patients are typically called a few weeks after discharge without any visibility to their recovery. At the time of the call, most patients are fine, some don’t answer and others have already had a complication.

The manual effort and cost of delivering these protocols often means the frequency of follow up is limited and complication risks are only detected after things have escalated.


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  • Implementation

Personify Care allows clinical teams to “plug-in” existing protocols and deliver personalised follow up to their patients via their mobile device.

By eliminating the manual effort involved in tracking patient recovery, clinical teams spend their time on the few patients that need their attention each day.

By increasing the frequency of patient follow-up (without increasing time spent), risk factors are detected before they escalate into complications or readmissions.

Patients get a better care experience, feel better prepared for their treatment and recovery process.

Personify Care has been shown to simultaneously deliver:

  • 50% reduction in incoming patient calls
  • 8 fold increase in patient follow up frequency (with no increase in time spent)
  • 96% patient response rate
  • 95% patient satisfaction
  • Early detection of complication risks in 1 in 5 cases

Personify Care has been used to deliver care to patients in a range of specialties including breast cancer, orthopaedics and plastics / reconstructive procedures. The platform has been delivered in private hospitals, private practices and day surgeries.

Implementing Personify Care in your organisation requires no upfront projects, no installations and no changes to your existing workflow or process.

To get started is simple:

  1. Plug-in existing assessments and clinical protocols
  2. Configure alerts to be notified when a patient requires follow-up
  3. Patients registered on their mobile as they are booked in for a procedure

The setup process takes between 2-4 weeks. Clinical and admin staff are provided with 15-20 minute induction and ongoing technical support.

No special hardware is required for patients or the clinical team.

Think Personify Care could help your organisation?

About Personify Care

Personify Care was created with the goal of making healthcare convenient for patients and clinicians beyond the hospital stay.

We believe in elegantly simple and data-driven technology that reinforces the clinical relationship with patients.

We understand that for Personify Care to have a meaningful impact on healthcare we need to simultaneously:

  • Provide a better recovery experience for patients
  • Free up clinicians so they can spend their time doing what they do best
  • Reduce risks and costs for practices and hospitals

The company was founded by experienced health technology professionals, is supported by an international advisory board and is guided by a panel of experienced Clinical specialists.

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