An Australian company operating in Australia, NZ and the US. Established on the belief that patients deserve the best possible care even when they’re not in a hospital or clinic. Just as importantly, we believe nursing staff, deserve to spend their time caring for their patients rather than on admin tasks, paperwork and time-consuming phone calls.

We help staff at hospitals and surgical centres map their pre-admission and post-op patient pathways so that nursing staff can seamlessly screen pre-admission risks and track post-discharge recovery without manually processing paper forms or making time-consuming phone calls.

We offer a mobile platform that can be configured by staff to track patient pre-admission and / or post-discharge pathways and produces patient response rates of over 80%. Patients get a secure checklist on their mobile so that they are better prepared before surgery and have a better recovery post-discharge. Nursing staff get visibility via a dashboard of the patients that require follow-up based on their progress in the previous 24 hours against existing clinical criteria.

By eliminating 70-80% of the cost of delivering proven clinical protocols before and after an admission or clinical appointment, we enable leading healthcare providers to simultaneously:

> Detect patient risks early

> Improve the quality of patient care and experience

> Enable more patients to access clinical best practice

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St Andrew's Hospital

Over Patient interactions

monitored with Personify Care in the last 12 months.

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*Personify Care is a registered Contracted Service Provider with the Australian Digital Health Agency and My Health Record

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"Personify Care is user friendly. Able to receive and send messages without making extra phone calls. Prompt and professional response from the Personify team"


Pre-admission Nurse

“By using the Personify Care platform we have been able to improve patients’ experience of care, identify potential risks early and more effectively target interventions


Stephen Walker

CEO, St Andrew's Hospital

“Since introducing the Personify Care service, our practice has seen the terrific impact it has had on patients. By offering patients timely information and support, the platform has improved the quality of our practice and reduced the number of unnecessary calls

Dr James Kollias

MBBS FRACS MD CCPU Breast & Endocrine Surgeon

“Before using Personify Care, we would often get calls from patients saying: I’ve filled out my form, did you get it?
I would love to use Personify Care for all our discharge calls

Annie Filsell

Pre-Admission Clinic Coordinator

“Quite often we don’t get called until there is something really serious like a hot wound… On this system, it seemed much quicker to get a response back. I think we are reducing the overall risk of patient complications

Jill Borthwick

Clinical Nurse - Breast Services