Personify Care is easy to use software that allows nurses, specialist practices and hospitals to detect when a patient is at risk of a complication and intervene before their condition (and associated cost) escalates.

Using the clinical team’s existing clinical protocol, Personify Care uses the patient’s individual procedure type, admitting specialist and procedure time to personalise what and when information and follow-up is provided to the patient on their mobile device.

Not only does this allow patients to refer back to their individualised information provided during a traditional consult – of which only 25-30% is recalled by patients. By monitoring whether a patient has acted on this information, Personify Care alerts the clinical team to items that might delay a procedure or increase patient risk.

Using the patient’s baseline pre-admission risks, Personify Care enables the delivery of personalised information and assessments that are monitored in real time and alerts the clinical team of risks of complication in between face to face visits and phone calls. Personify Care then tracks the patient’s progress against the clinical protocol and continues to learn over time. By doing so, Personify Care significantly increases the real-time visibility of patient risk across a population and enables early interventions to be delivered to patients that need them most each day. Personify Care is designed to be used by healthcare professionals to detect and manage risks of complications or readmissions. Personify Care is available for use by clinicians via their mobile device or desktop application and scales from a single clinician’s practice to a multi-site hospital organisation.

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